Mark Maciver aka SliderCuts has released his debut book with Knights Of!

I’m really excited to announce that I have released my debut book titled Shaping Up Culture !!

Building on my Shaping Up Culture series on my youtube and website, the book is a collection of inspirational and practical how-to guides surrounding entrepreneurship, and is aimed at teenagers and young adults.

It is published by Knights Of, who have acquired world rights to it, and has been edited by Alex “Reads” Holmes, co-host of the podcast Mostly Lit.

So often people from this community see a lack of options and end up getting involved in the wrong things, or getting involved in nothing. The purpose of Shaping Up Culture is to change the mindset of those in this position, and to create a guide showing them the opportunities and options they may not see.

The book is available now, so click here to grab your copy!

SliderCuts lands lead role in Facebook’s latest campaign “Let’s Get to Work”

Master barber SliderCuts has landed a lead role as one of the featured businesses in a UK-wide Facebook advertising campaign, “Let’s Get to Work”.

Launched at the end of January 2018, the campaign highlights small and medium UK brands and the work it takes to own and run a business. It puts SliderCuts in the cut, alongside featuring a number of small businesses, to show other business owners how they can use Facebook to meet and stay connected with even more customers around the world.

The eight-week multifaceted campaign is fronted by a 60-second hero film, narrated by Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington. “Let’s Get to Work” features clips of traditional businesses’ hard-working routines, which includes SliderCuts working business-as-usual at the animated D&L’s barbershop, packed with the shop’s many regulars.

Spanning outdoor, TV, print, online and cinema, the campaign features 16 small and medium businesses in total. With “Let’s Get to Work”, Facebook hopes to shine a light on investment in these types of local enterprises, as well as the depth and diversity of their business models.

Commenting on the campaign, Mark Maciver, the owner of SliderCuts, said: “I am honoured to have been chosen to be a part of Facebook’s nation-wide campaign. Out of all of the people they could have chosen, they’ve picked me, and for that, I am extremely grateful. It has been an amazing experience since the day I found out I was chosen. Facebook might not have helped me to perfect my fade, but they did introduce me to customers in London, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. They’ve helped me to reach the right people and with the right message. For me, it’s not only about getting your haircuts seen, it’s about getting seen for the right things and in the right places. And that’s why Facebook has been crucial in helping me to build a successful business and strong community.”

To see the full-length feature advert, please click here

SliderCuts remixes the barbering masterclass

Over 20 aspirant barbers and entrepreneurs – from all over Europe – joined master barber SliderCuts for a first-of-its-kind afro hair masterclass, on Monday 25 September 2017.

Hosted at the iconic Red Rooster in Shoreditch, Mark Maciver, the man behind SliderCuts, gave attendees the inside track on how to perfect the fade and create the most talked about men’s haircuts. He also equipped both advanced and novice barbers with the know-how on building and managing a successful barbering brand and business. 

In a hairdressing industry dominated by insight sessions on European hair, the SliderCuts Masterclass offered attendees a unique, educational glimpse into the world of afro barbering – from hair texture and curl direction to tips on the best clippers to use on afro hair.

With sponsorship from Cantu, Kurl King and Red Rooster, attendees left armed with bags of knowledge and some of the leading products in men’s afro hair.

Notes to Editors:

SliderCuts: The Masterclass is the first in a series of masterclass sessions, hosted by master barber SliderCuts, which explores the fundamentals of afro barbering.